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El NoBI-Norte offers the I-Corps program to facilitate the commercial evaluation of academic research and innovation, and a $90,000 MXN team grant.

During the program, teams will be introduced to the fundamental I-Corps principles, helping teams explore the potential value of their research or innovation, and quickly and effectively validate their commercialization strategy. The $90,000 grant is to perform the customer discovery of your technology.


  • Develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • Improve odds for commercial success.
  • Validate your business model.
  • Establish product-market fit.
  • To get a $90,000 MXN team grant.

¿What will you learn?

Teams will be introduced to the I-Corps approach, and learn about business model development and the customer development process. Teams will also spend time outside the building, talking to customers, partners and competitors, and testing hypotheses. At the conclusion of the program, teams will present their findings from the customer development process and receive realtime feedback from the I-Corps teaching team.

I-Corps Team

Students, reserachers nd entrepreneurs interested in translating their innovation and research into commercial ventures are encouraged to apply. Interested teams must meet the following criteria:

The teams are form by:

  • 1 Principal Investigator(who has lead the research).
  • 1 Entrepreneur Lead (student7entrepreneur involved in the research).
  • 1 Business Mentor (industry person).
  • *If you don´t hav a Business Mentor, the NoBI-Norte helps you with one.
  • *The proposed technology must be in TRL 3 or higher.

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